• Water in the Wilderness Outreach Ministries

    Serving people with the Love, kindness & generosity of God for those in need!


    Clothing ・Furniture ・Toiletries ・ Food ・Resources ・Emotional Support ・Decorating

  • We are here to serve you!

    We understand that it is very easy to find ourselves in unfavourable situations that leave us isolated, needing assistance and not quite knowing who to turn to without losing our dignity.

    We exist to help people just like you, without judgment! It is our honour to extend love, resources and assistance where we can.


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    - Sanitary towels - Hand wipes - Toothpaste - Toothbrushes (both travel size) - Scarfs

    - Gloves - Hats - Warm socks (For men & woman) - Water - Vests or T-Shirts
    - Long John's - Jogging pants


    To arrange drop off, please call or email us.


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  • Saturday 16th March 2019

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  • Water in the Wilderness Outreach Ministries

    Our First Outreach Night

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    Serving people with the Love, kindness & generosity of God!


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  • Who Are We?

    Andrew & Samantha Henry - Ministry Founders


    Our Ethos | Our Culture


    We are just two ordinary people that said yes to the call. The Lord gave me this vision from 1998; I didn’t want to do it, as I was afraid of what people would think.


    In April 2017 my precious mum Mae Floris Quallis passed away leaving a massive emptiness in all our lives. It was my mother who would alway open house feed & help people to get jobs. Her motto was 'always love a stranger'.


    I heard the Lord tell me that it was time for the ministry to be birthed that same hour. I didn’t hesitate I said yes to the call. I told my husband a few days later and together we went into action for the lord.


    We both have a heart for those in need, we do not believe in looking down at anyone on the streets, or those that have less than us. The song says, WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES. You will never know what the next hour day or year will bring. You don’t know if you will have a support network or not.


    In the eyes of God we are all the same rich or poor black or white we are all special to Him.


    Our main scripture for this ministry is Isaiah 43:19~20, we believe that what the word say that He who is our Father make a way where there was no way. The beast of the field honors him also. Now we have to understand that in order to help in a dry and barren situation you must provide what that need is. If you are hungry I cant tell you that I will pray you need food now, now, if you need clothes I cant say I will pray and fast for you to get that outfit.


    We believe that giving is the fundamental element to the cause of that need. Jesus himself fed the five thousand before He even told the people about His fathers Kingdom (Luke 9:10-21). The book of Matthew 25:34-40, speaks about the helpless that was in prison, naked, hungry, the Lord told his disciples that when you did these things to the least of them you did it to me. In other words Jesus see feels and knows the love the kindness and joy that this ministry has when it help the helpless the ones that society snubs, the ones that work nine to five and they still cant feed their families.


    We aim to do our very BEST to help in whatever way we can. If we cannot help then we will direct you to those that can. In all that we do we will always use wisdom we trust in the Lord. Proverbs 3:5 lets us know that we should trust in that Lord with all our hearts, we will not lean to our own understanding, but in everything that we do we will let Him lead us all the way.

  • Meet the Team

    Sonia & Tunde Omojola

    Prayer Team

    Maxine Campbell

    Deliverance Minister

    Cordelia Thorpe-Blair

    Events Co-Ordinator

    Janet Edwards



    Sharon 'Pearlz' Brown


    Cherlene Wilson

    Digital Communications

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